Dance Floor Wraps

Get Wrapped Up In a Moment!

with a custom vinyl dance floor wrap from Charleston Wraps

Dance Floor 101

Most dance floors are pieced together with tiles to create a variety of surface areas. There are visible seams where each tile meets. Charleston Wraps designs with seam placement in mind. Our vinyl is anti-skid and non-slip. Please note Charleston Wraps does not provide physical dance floors.

Custom Crests

Printed vinyl custom crests and decals cover a specific area and will sometimes have a white border around the edge. There is a wide array of design and color options available with printed vinyl. White dance floors are recommended for this option. Cut pre-colored vinyl does not have a white border but there are limitations to design intricacy and color options.

Full Dance Floor

Full vinyl dance floor wraps cover the entire dance floor and do not have a border. Any color dance floor base can be used for this coverage option. Whether it be a full faux marble print or a custom crest with a full border; the sky is the limit with design options.

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