Prep Your Vehicle

Properly prepping your vehicle before installation is a very important part of vehicle wrapping. Although every vehicle wrap is different, we practice the same prepping techniques before our installation to ensure your vehicle receives proper care to receive the vinyl installation and so that the wrap will be highly durable in the years to come.

Wash Your Vehicle

The ideal installation process would be to drop a hand-washed, clean, wax-free vehicle off to us one the evening before your installation date.  Allow it enough time to dry and if possible keep it under a protected area. By washing your vehicle it will remove road impurities, wax, tree sap, pollen.

You don’t have to give it a fancy wash using detailing products. The old fashioned soap and water is the preferred method here. Once you drop your vehicle off we will prep it properly as well so it is ready for your wrap installation.

If you are unable to wash your vehicle before dropping it off, a cleaning fee will be applied. Fee changes based on vehicle condition and size.